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Looking to get a professional grade laser for less than $5,400? The Nova24 packs a huge punch for it’s small size. The Nova24 features servo motors for engraving speeds up to 1,000mm/s. It is also comes equipped with auto-focus, motorized z-axis, beam combiner, and more. If you’re looking for a desktop laser machine with all the bells and whistles of the big boys, this is your machine.

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Cut. Mark. Engrave.

The three main functions of Nova24 - cutting, marking, and engraving - combine to create a huge array of designs and products.

laser wood cutting machines

Cutting Technology

Desktop Nova24 is a suitable tool for basic makers to start. Nova24 offers the best innovative technology on the market, it’s easy to cut 3/8” acrylic and other thin materials.

Marking Technology

Using our HR Head, it’s easy to create sharp images or photos on metal, acrylic, wood and glass.

laser engraving for glass
laser engraving machine

Engraving Technology

Nova24 takes engraving to a high level, creating pieces of amazing and craftsmanship. It can engrave on many kinds of materials, like wood, acrylic, plastic, rubber etc.


Easy to make some decorations to your wooden products like wood photo frame, wooden box, wooden comb or wooden door.


Comparing to the traditional methods, using a Nova24 to deal with acrylic has many strength like, fast cutting speed, non-contact cutting engraving process, clean edge, easy operation.


                          Customize cutting fabric with unique costumes, plush toys, special banners and more.


Cut patterns with fast engraving speed, create pretty belts, holsters, backpacks, and more.


                                                            Create delicate designs, take your artistic skill to a higher level.


Design your unique LOGO, signature with all the colors of rainbow using wood.

Request a Material Sample

Not sure if your project is right for a certain material? Ask us for a sample cut.


LCD Panel

You can control many of the lasers functions right from the LCD panel. Things like auto-focus, framing your project before you cut, lifting and lowering the motorized table, and different file selection. There is also a USB and Ethernet port to upload files and images for engraving.

HR Laser Head

Our High Resolution head allows you to create stunning engravings and intricate cuts. With this head, you increase the DPI by 2x so if you want to achieve lots of small details, this is your head.

Smart Board

Our Smart Board ensures a peaceful engraving experience. This programmable board allows you to control how long the exhaust blower and air assist stay on after cutting. No more unnecessary loud fans!

Two Way Pass Through

Our Two Way Pass through feature comes on all of our machines. This will allow you to cut materials larger than your bed size by sliding them
through the slots on front and behind of the machine.


Thunder Laser has a massive video library of over 250 videos on YouTube to help you understand your new laser. Almost everything you can imagine can be found in one of our helpful instructional videos with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Tech Specs

Sleek, Modern Design

With a reasonable size, the Nova24 laser is really good for users who have very little space to put the machine. Though the size is small, its ability for cutting and engraving is also as good as the big machines. It’s especially good for customers who need to make customized products.

Tech Specs
40-60Watt CO2 Laser
23.6” x 15.7”Work Area
RDwork v8 Software

Daily Gift

Daily Gift

Desktop Laser Cutter Nova24 stands ready to improve your productivity and streamline your operations. It’s perfect for either the business owner or the At-Home professional who needs a quality laser machine at a great price!

Making Living

The main usage of this Desktop Laser Cutter Nova24 is for the small to medium business that needs to cut and engrave many kinds of material,
like plywood, MDF,acrylic, glass, rubber and paper.


Making Living


Model Design

Model Design

Nova24 can be applied to many kinds of materials, and has many advantages, such as smooth cutting edges, free from polishing, no noise, no dust, faster processing speed, higher precision, less waste and high efficiency. It is the best option for upgrading traditional equipment in various industries.

Manual & Technical Specification

Donwload a .pdf version of the Nova24 User Manual or the Nova24 Technical Specification.

3D Cutting & 3D Engraving

Nova24 can make 3D printing effects, such as 3D cutting and 3D engraving

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